If you can speak in English, you will probably be able to communicate with someone somewhere in any major country you can visit. Although not everyone speaks this language, English is truly a dominant language spoken by millions around the world. According to experts, one-third of the world's population is native-speaking speaking in English, and many learn from others. What caused the spread of English proficiency on the British Isles and played an important role in global communication? The answer starts with a glimpse of the original loud speakers of the language, the English

English dominance in the 19th century

In the 19th century, the British Empire was indeed a global empire. As previously said, "the sun is never up to the British empire." Britain had colonies on all continents and the commercial language in this area was English. The XIX. By the end of the century, the British empire reached the world and the language became global. This effect continued until the 1900s and in 1922 the British empire had an influence on some 458 million people close to a quarter of the world's population in Europe, which meant that knowledge of English was important.

Although in the light of world history, it is a relatively young country, the United States has become a global superhero, especially after the Second World War. In America, there is politics, economics and culture in the world. As such, English language becomes more and more important than a global language. When America is influenced by America's historical and current influence in today's world economy, English understanding is almost indispensable for doing business in the current economic marketplace.

English is the language of technology and science

When browsing the World Wide Web, you will find that most websites are available in English or English. This shows that influential English is in the world of technology. As a large number of technology-based devices in the world are marketed in the United States, they are designed for English-speaking users. You can see this in the design of your computer's keyboard. Most standard keyboards include the usual English alphabet, which is further proof that English is the language of technology.

In addition, English is the language of science. According to the Science Citation Index, more than 95 percent of all documents are in English, although most of them are non-native in English. The medical community also uses English as a language that makes physicians essential to be able to read the latest medical breakthroughs reports and journals.

English is the language of international organizations

If more countries come together, they have to choose a language. Often the chosen language is English. The United Nations official language is English, for example. The same goes for the International Olympic Committee. At the Olympics the announcements will be made in the host country language and in English. English is also an official language of the European Union

Other uses of English have a global impact

English is an international language of many industries, including banking, IT, business, diplomacy and entertainment. An international treaty that facilitates communication, English is the official language of aviation and maritime activities.

A list of industries and features where English is one of the most important languages ​​never ends. The simple fact is that since the 1800s English has been spoken in several places in the world as in any other language, and this fact, coupled with the economic and political power of the United States and Britain, means that English is still will have a huge impact on the world economy in the future

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