India is a huge country with different languages ​​across the country. These regional languages ​​are so different that people from other regions can not communicate without a common language. In addition, India is growing in all areas, regardless of whether it is socially or economically. India is on its way to being a strong and prosperous nation in the world. India is trying to maintain a good foreign policy. All of these require a common language, ie English. This language is understood almost throughout the region in addition to the Hindi national language, all schools and colleges in English teach and mostly use it as an educational tool.

In today's world, we need to be familiar with advanced technologies and all sectors of science. There is an urgent need for a common language that youth can understand in the whole world and the language in which all data and information are available. Only in English, which is the right choice for the language that we all need to study at the primary level. This is the language of social and political knowledge. Therefore, learning English is of great importance to a developing country such as India. Without the knowledge of the language our technicians, mechanics and engineers can not pass.

India is a peace-loving country and wants to send the same message to every country in the world. Other countries are also interested in understanding and knowing India's policy. We need to explain and convince friendly nations of our point of view. All this is possible through a common exchange of ideas and views. English is an international language with international status that is able to provide the best medium for interaction with the outside world. At every international seminar or summit, every speech or course is in English. If India is to exploit these opportunities and develop its universal perspective, English is the only language that we all need to learn

Furthermore, the nation can remain intact only if leaders can understand in different regions and communicate effectively and cordially with them. Each leader can not understand more than ten or fifteen languages ​​in different regions, but can easily understand the English common language. This language is important to encourage unity not only at national, but also international level. In order to curb the separatist tendencies of diverse communities, we must continue in English. Without learning and communicating in this language, one day we will die. In order to survive in modern society, English knowledge is just as important as water.

Today, the United States and other countries have made tremendous progress in science and technology. We do not agree with them in space technology. The world is moving forward in these areas at enormous speed. In order to increase and stimulate the science and technology research work, we need to look at these topics in detail. And the English language must not be denied. Our own regional languages ​​do not have the depth and the ability to understand and combine all these technological developments and as such can not serve the purpose of keeping pace with the rapidly growing world. Most of these best-themed books are available in English only. We can not translate everything in our own regional language, so knowledge of English can only be a blessing

Every nation needs to develop and encourage its own language. However, languages ​​are diverse in India, and for many years it is not possible to have a common language like Hindi. Under such circumstances we can not wait long, otherwise we will be far away. As such, as long as we do not develop a language, we must learn and teach English from the beginning. Some subjects such as science, math and technology books are to be taught only in English. This fact has now been recognized by those who opposed the English language skills a few years ago. Now they know that we have not been able to prosper like other countries in the world because we have kept ourselves away from English. This language can raise us not only in our own country, but also in the whole world. English will not be less than anyone in the world.

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