A flamboyant debate is taking place on which the best way to learn the language is. There are two main ways to learn a language: natural and artificial.

The first and most common language learning method is the natural method. Some linguists support the natural method, which means that they are in touch with the new language and the mother tongue is omitted as much as possible while learning. Instead of using a native language, you can use a teacher or language instructor sign language and drawings to explain new words and the meaning of different expressions in the new language. In this case, the teacher draws the intuitive skills of the students who will imitate the language.

Furthermore, if a person is exposed to a multilingual environment, he or she can learn two or more languages ​​with the natural method, it is not difficult at all. Exposure to a multilingual environment means contacting two or more languages, whether it is parents or grandparents, or talking on a television or foreign language school or school. The imitation-based method is very effective for children and young students because they have strong imitation instincts and an absorbent brain can be easily memorized.

On the other hand, there are people who do not respond to the natural method of learning different languages. These people need grammatical and phonetic guidance in order to understand the functioning of the language. Linguists who consider this artificial method agree that natural language is only effective for a certain point, and it is not possible to speak 100% of the language that is naturally phrased, as mistakes can slide. some agree that there is a need for a grammar and vocabulary. However, the grammatical rules and the number of powerful words do not necessarily mean that they are used correctly and encounter difficulties in the expression. Consequently, many exercises are required.

All in all, the best language learning method is for you. You can try it naturally and go after a while and double-check a grammar book or simply go to the beginning of the theoretical part.

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