As a business owner, you must be creative with your marketing and show new ways to attract consumers. One of the best ways to do this is to be bilingual! And much easier than it sounds.

In 2006, the Spaniards accounted for 15% of the population of the United States and their number swelled as more immigrants traveled from Mexico and Central America. This number is just what the censuses counted; the current Spanish population can be up to 25% at any time. Promoting a product, website or blog in this segment of the population would have a great benefit for you, but how can you do it?

Why you're compiling your content

As more and more Spanish people are buying on the Internet, you will miss a major consumer base as it does not offer content that is clear and user-friendly in your native language. Although most Spanish people are willing to deal with websites and blogs written in English, it will be more convenient and more enjoyable to read their mother tongue. Imagine yourself trying to prevent a product from visiting a foreign language, but content may be too difficult, no matter what product or information you want.

It is estimated that the Spaniards contribute $ 863 billion to the US economy. This is a very big consumer base, too big to ignore it!

Why Use a Human Translator?

You're trying to get a translation software, not a human translator, but there are a lot of problems – human translation. Each language has its own shadow and idiosyncrhia, which only one person can understand and compensate for which is in the language. For example, the word "intelligent" is the same in English and Spanish. But because it refers to intelligence in English, in Spanish it means that the person is sensitive. Only a human translator could use the word correctly because the software has no real judgment.

A human translator will also be able to predict the problems that may arise with the use of certain terms or words. Years ago, Chevrolet introduced Nova to Mexico and met a loud flop. Why? Because in Spanish, "no va" means "not going"! Your site may have content that is similar to a negative idea that can drive away the consumers you want to attract. Literary translation is rarely a good idea, and only a person who knows culture and slang and language can make the right decisions to give a good impression to your target audience.

Translator Selection

Acquiring a translator through an agency has some advantages over letting a person through trial and error. The translation agency has tested and tested its employees and knows their strengths and weaknesses. They can access your needs and choose which translator can do the best job. It will pay you a bit more, but it will buy the best quality material.

Choosing a translator is an important thing to make sure you're translating into your native language. This ensures that you know all the pitfalls that a non-native speaker will miss.

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