Have you ever wondered how the translated Word document will work? We may consider a number of issues important, regardless of whether you are working on a Macintosh or PC environment and how to identify the text or translate it into Chinese or Russian.

The first problem is fonts that may prove to be uncertain. If you work in a PC environment and use Windows XP to enable fonts in different languages ​​in Microsoft Office:

Start> Programs> Microsoft Office Tools> Microsoft Office Language Settings.

and add the language settings to the system. At least this should allow you to properly view the document in Word and then consider the following section, such as Quark or InDesign. Of course, this may also display other issues. Unless you can clearly identify which translated texts correspond to the original English text, you are in difficulty, especially if you have a complex layout. This is not a solution, but it may not be that the layout in the final PDF has verified that it should be everywhere! Indeed, a brave, non-native copywriter who tries to arrange some Arabic or Urdu text that is also going to go from left to right across the page!

If you are working in a Macintosh environment, you will have other issues because the Macintosh fonts in different languages ​​are non-standard and have problems with the translation in Word without them being installed. In addition, the same problems arise as identifying bits of translated text. The best way to contact the compiler is to provide translated text in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format that you can use in the Quark or InDesign file in the same way as a graphic. It surrounds the font. However, we recommend that the translation company check the final layout in PDF format for missing text or inadequate line breaks.

The advantage of being centrally managed by this compiler is that they are able to provide both services and ready to print compiled documents in PDF format and DTP source file layout.

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