In the following lines we try to put an end to once and for all with the question of translation cost. How much does it cost to pay for translation? What is a reasonable price? How much is a professional translation service and how much is the rip off?

Well, whether you are a translator or translator, contact the following questions.

first Who is the translation service provider?
Who will trust your translation? Is it just a translation company? Translation Agency? Freelance instruction translators or anyone who checks at least two languages?

2nd No matter where the world is going to work? Today in the online world, the translation project should be provided by a local translation service provider or online or the best translation bid in Europe or China.

3rd Are all translations equal? Please turn to each translation per translation speed or change by language pair, domain field, deadline, and other criteria. Can you get a quote from a translation service provider who has not seen the source document yet?

Do you have any answers to the above questions? As a long time translator and a translator, I can not find an easy answer to both questions.

I would have the best advice to use common sense. Always contact your service provider, make sure that he is real and make sure that the translation is done with a suitable translator.

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