Today almost everyone knows almost everything about globalization. Globalization has many things, both good and bad. It all depends on the position. I do not intend to complicate things with the remarks about the nature, significance and significance of globalization. Suffice it to say that this process has completely transformed our world and turned it into a global village. Modern communication and information technologies have drastically changed all markets, including the service market. And this is my subject's remark.

The business or the market, if you like, translation services is no exception. The market has become very competitive. Translation agencies and freelancers are widely available, especially in such great languages ​​as English. No need to mention new online services. Quality is often at risk for speed and price considerations. Professional translators compete globally. Prices dropped drastically, more often, to the detriment of quality.

Who benefits and who loses this?

Unfortunately, this is not the buyer or the translator who is profiting from these developments. Many people who require urgent translation services do not understand and underestimate the work of the translator. Often he thinks that translation expenditures are inevitable evil. They forget that translate text (whether it's manual, presentation, or business correspondence) is also an ad for their business. Advertising, however, is a sector with growing importance, budget and profit in the global village. Some customers even think that anyone who knows in two languages ​​to some extent "translate". However, much more needs to be translated than just that. New words mean more than words: words convey emotions and cultural concepts, some exist in one language, but some do not exist in the other. The translator's job is to create target texts that are original copies. Translation is a demanding process, and not everyone knows two or more languages.

Of course, only a part of the problem can be solved by translators. Because any other business translation is a two-way street. Many depend on customers and their education. Some things depend on the market. Intermediaries also have a role.

For our translator we always have to try to stick to good business ethics, educate clients, treat decent dealerships, and prevent fraud. In the case of agencies and direct clients, make sure that you meet all your requirements before accepting your work, especially payment terms – by source or by destination / line, when and how to pay, etc. If not, ask for help from our friends and colleagues.

And remember: in our field of expertise sharing experience with networking is the key to success .

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