For many translators pricing is a sensitive subject they do not want to discuss in detail because they look too good, businesslike. This is a mistake – unless you plan a nonprofit organization, price is one of the most important things you need to concentrate on. Even if this price is taught to businessmen and that the liked humanity has to concentrate on the finer aspect of language, it must reconsider this strategy. Start price quotation and negotiation as an integral part of the translation activity. Not necessarily your favorite part of the business, but probably the only one who can and will do it.

You can grow over time if you love pricing strategies because you can see instant bonuses. Generally speaking, the modern economy works because the seller determines the price rather than the buyer. Think of it for a moment. The seller gives the exchange rate. Determining your own translation cost is important not only for professional, financial, and personal success, but also as a critical corner in negotiation. If you do not set your own translation cost, you send the message to be a weak negotiating partner.

Price determination is art, not science, and there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if a customer comes to you with a large translation job that is lower than you usually pay for, ask if the project is highly lucrative. In this case, the buyer actually determines the price and still depends on you whether you accept it or not. The larger the seller company, the more likely it is to set the price. For example, many large companies purchase consulting and accounting services for all subsidiaries of the same manufacturers. In return for this significant amount of business, the customer often declares that they want to pay some amounts.

Be cautious about discounts. You can offer a solution that is cost-effective for you. For example, you may suggest that you copy the document earlier than one day, if the customer appears to have run or offer a free review of the source document if that sounds like this customer's interest. to apply the nonprofit price. This is just another way to give it back to the community.

You can once or twice a year send notifications about offers you offer for a particular occasion. For example, offer every month for the month of December for all new translation work. Ideal pricing can be complicated, and the translation swings in the northern swarm are black and white. Give yourself some space for maneuvering and show your potential customer that you are trying to work with them.

Definitely very disappointing if you are a professional translator for a low price for highly specialized and challenging translation work. However, this is a free economy and it is not obliged to accept the prices you do not want to work for. After all, you work for yourself and definitely have no obligations to anyone. Remember: you are the boss, but also the employee. So if you think you are not doing the translation services fairly, you can do two things: do not do anything and complain to all your friends and collections about it, a lot of things that can or may not be the same in the same boat.

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