Many linguists do not timely bill customers because they are too busy because they are forgotten. Other linguists intend to extend their customers' time to pay for their bills, so invoices are issued with considerable time after the delivery of the services. However, this is usually not a good idea as it may have a negative impact on the company's accounting practice. For example, in a previous work Judy often outsourced service providers, including translation services. Customers do not like it by not reporting them immediately and they certainly do not want to receive invoices months later. Keep in mind that your goal is to get instant cash for your services and smooth cash flow, which includes billing your customers on time.

If you run a freelance translation company and your principal business location is your primary residence, then you can report any mileage that directs that particular house. If not every mile you make as a business venture sells for a short while and earns less money because it requires less tax deduction.

One of the strategies to make more home money, of course, counts more and sells more. Since profit is the difference between income and expenditure, there is another way to gain more profits without increasing your income: reducing costs. This is like freelance translator, you do not think so much, since most of them have quite modest costs. However, even small changes can make a big difference in the long run.

There are some things you really need and things you want to be honest about your translation activity. Some things are nice, but not necessarily necessary for running a business. The decision about what you want and what you need is entirely dependent on you, but do not forget that you are running a small translation office. Even if you can make a deduction for certain purchases, this does not mean that the product or service is free of charge. For a successful translation or interpretation activity, you need a computer and a printer, ideally integrated with scanners and regular equipment, well-designed ergonomic chairs, telephone (wired or mobile or both), word processing and spreadsheet software packages. Remember the translation tools (TM) that we call computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, which are mostly fairly costly, patented programs (some free and open source programs are available). You will also need a web site with associated e-mail address, business card, CD-ROM and printed publication, membership (s) for the professional organization (s), annual fees, such as business licenses, marketing materials, photos, etc. This list does not necessarily include any stage of imagination and is simply a thought. You have to create your own list and you need to determine what is the basis for you. You can then use this list as the basis for basic elements.

If there is something you want to buy that is not on the personal list, then you probably do not necessarily need to run your business. This means that does not mean that you do not need it or you do not have to, but it just means you are in the beyond category. If you want to reduce your costs, keep this list in mind to help focus again on how much cost you can remove without affecting your business. It is very surprising to see how little our business is running, which is one of the most popular elements of running a freelance translation business: there is very little overall cost, so most revenue (minus taxes) will be profitable. However, even if the business of a translator is booming, it must evaluate the costs and decide what is needed and what is not.

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