India multilingual country: 22 languages ​​recognized by Indian constitution. In addition, there are over 1500 languages ​​and dialects in the country. There is no need for translation in any other country

Three-language treatment

Ah, the founders of the Indian constitution wisdom

They felt that all Indians needed three languages: One to identify with the local group mother tongue), one of the national identity (Hindi) and one of the international communication (English). This was born in the three-language formula.

Three languages ​​are raw: only enough to go through school and college, but certainly not enough for any activity that makes life in the present world.

Need for translation within India

Just go through the channels on the TV. Think of all the movies you've seen in different languages. Do not be surprised by James Bond fluently speaking Hindi or Rajnikan as the new (or old?) Japanese pacemaker! Let's make a friend condemned to translate the books of science into Urdu – something very necessary.

Music, literature, movies, TV shows, political speeches, textbooks, documents and countless written and oral needs require translations across regional borders.

India, the Global Player

Recognizing that India, which has 1.25 billion people, Google's chief, Sundar Pichai, says, "India is making the production of products, and if something works in India, it will globally to work. "

India plays a fleshly role internationally and plays a bigger role and stars lead. This is not possible unless communications cease to be an obstacle: the need for translation services. Multinational = Multilingual: No doubt

Why are we translating?

Translation for important companies and businesses that work in multiple regions and countries to exchange information, make government proposals, briefly summed up for all the multifaceted activities that everyone is participating on the same site.

The country's foreign policy in the world of international diplomacy requires that ideas, perspectives and negotiations are clearly and accurately displayed. Diplomas and world leaders are most prominent in their language; the inaccuracy of translations can cause significant problems

Creative content such as literature, video and audio content, subtitles for movies and TVs, etc., requires creative translation to target a chord with the target audience

TV available international news. How is it possible without a translation service? The news is a crusade of free and fair lives, and translation is even more important to make trustworthy news available to everyone.

The World Wide Web and the Internet teamed up with "neighbors close to neighbors". distance and boundary. A rich and varied human community can not exist together and communicate without communication. Translation and translation services are no longer possible;

Translator par excellence

Simply put, translation translates the text / content of the source language (SL) into an accurate and comprehensible version of the target language (TL). Successful translation is never mechanical: creative

This is why excellence in translation requires a quality translator

Good translator must be fluent in at least two languages ​​

Language Experience

cultures should be comfortable. In other words, language sensation leads to successful translation.

The excellence of translation requires knowledge of the subject. Technical translations, legal jargon, religious translations and academic journals require in-depth knowledge. Accurate translations are not possible when resting in the darkness of limited knowledge.

A good translator is still a good researcher if necessary. If in doubt, check and verify: this should be the motto.

Precise translation may require some tools and utilities such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, glossaries of technical and scientific works, and so on. A conscientious translator is one or more of these tools. Discussions and consultations on clarifying doubts are also advisable.

The style and content of the translation must be true to the original. The translation challenge is that the translator is not the original author, but the translated material is like the original and not the wrong copy.

Translators need patience to do a thorough job. Timely work is also very important. So a good translator can not afford to watch the clock, but watch the clock!

The excellence of translation rarely means simple reproduction and replication. If you are thinking of the world as a window, then each language is another window that will show you another view. Therefore, mechanical / computer translations are never appropriate and are not advisable

Translation services in India

When prerequisite for communication is the translation whether it is between languages ​​spoken in India or free to move on global platforms

businesses must recognize that professional translation services provide access to the expertise and resources that are known only to translators' specialists. So why not concentrate on core business and turn translation into the most competent?

It is also important to select a translation service that has the highest ethical expectations and keeps it safe: someone who appreciates intellectual

Excellence, trust, and translation are modern Indian three-language formula

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