Art expressing in a "target" language is called the term "source" as a translation. Although it may seem simple to an ordinary person, translation services, however, contain far more than mere writing in a different language. Anyone in this business from any part of the United States, such as Renton (Washington) and Seattle (Washington), says that there is a lot of skill to be able to become a successful translator.

from English to Spanish, it is very important that you ask yourself some basic questions. This actually facilitates the work of a person providing translation services and helps avoid possible misunderstandings. Some of these questions are:

1. What type of text is the source?

2nd What was your audience? (public or private)

3. Which country is it targeted? (USA, Spain or Latin America)

4. Does the source text, final version, or additional editing required?

5th What is the text context?


Expert translators in American cities such as Seattle (Washington) and Kirkland (Washington) always say that people who provide translation services are very important to note a lot of things in their work. Some of these may be:

1. Cultural aspects of the goal and the source language

2. Structure followed by writing the source text. However, in the target text, the same structure should be maintained so that the same report remains

3. Use of Terminology Terminology

4. Scripting of source text.

5th The audience is the recipient of the translation.

6th The source text register, which should be reflected in the target text.

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