From mythology, translation demands emerged after people wanted to build a tower of Babel that supposedly had to tie the world of gods and people. But the gods did not want people to join heaven and earth, and the building of the tower was destroyed by the gods. The gods were angry with the people, created different languages ​​for them, and people no longer understood each other. People could not build the tower and scattered across the globe. Thus, the Babylon Tower legend describes how different languages ​​in the world and the need for interpreters have evolved.

It happened that one of the most common languages ​​is English. The English language belongs to the German language of the Indo-European language family. The number of students as native speakers – some 410 million speakers (including a second language) – about 1 billion people (2007). This is one of the six official and working languages ​​of the UN.

But not everyone can learn English: some people are very busy learning it and some find they do not really need it. That is why there is a profession called an interpreter. The most important quality of the interpreter is the ability to think in a foreign language. The quality of each interpreter is knowledge of the cultural and psychological characteristics of English-speaking countries, as each one has its own label and communication protocol. Acceptable things in one country can be completely different in other countries. Therefore, translating through talks, conferences, lectures, exhibitions in English or Russian, and vice versa, I always discover a material area and learn specific materials that are related to the given area to ensure the quality of interpretations. A specialized course, in the course of consecutive interpreting, does not only serve as an interpreter, but also as an interface and is responsible for the emotional state of the negotiations. Successive interpreters are also good psychologists who can maintain their communication atmosphere. And if there is a communication barrier between two parties with different cultural characteristics, they know what to say at the right time.

Any trained specialist always appreciates a company and will be easy to earn money for it. The interpreters are always looking for. Can you imagine how many day-to-day business meetings with representatives of different countries you need to understand each other? And to help them do so, there are specialists, such as consecutive interpreters.

Whenever you provide me with my interpreted services, you can always be sure that you will get the highest quality translation and assistance in finding a common language with your potential customers and partners.

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