Understanding culture is understanding the language. In this example, the focus is on the military language.

Military language has offered the first kits for early organizations to manage the workforce and business process. Military slang is widely used, still popular, and companies use terminology independently of their business background; the military language suffices everywhere.

  • Of the widely known military terms, the following include: mission, strategy, defense, attack (attack strategy), tactics, operation, scenarios, but terminology like: resistance (war) and of course: discipline.

Typical organizational form is based on hierarchy and is based on compliance with authority and rules.

The context determines its meaning. "The Rock and Roll" in the military environment means that "The M16 selector switch has three options: safe, semi-automatic and rock-and-roll." (Nationmaster.com) "Full automatic fire setting of the weapon

An example:
Now that the economy slows down into a global recession, companies return to defensive strategies. to reorganize activities because they are cheaper to organize Costs are a defense issue, no less under growth, but the central strategy is also an example of a military defense strategy. you have to close the gate and build a wall around the area, an attack strategy at a central location at different places at one time would attack it, this is what happened in recent years when the economy flourished; new businesses are attacking the market with every new product or feature, and now the catalog has returned to the rescue base of the limited product family, centrally centralized and easy to manage (manageable).

One of the challenges of war and military language is creativity. The emphasis is often on discipline where reconciliation with creativity is tough. This is a problematic area where organizations are still struggling. And not just the soldiers.

Military organizations are also changing. The army has also learned and influences with other organizations, such as marketing and sales concepts. Various interviews in the Iraq War show that batch handling is key to survival. Building a road to local citizens is an example where money is spent not on war materials but on housing and infrastructure to get support from local citizens. The principle acquired in marketing.

Focusing on language is essential to the direction and understanding of cultures. This article is exemplary; the main idea is to focus on your organization's language. Genuine clues to organizational culture.

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