The dream language is expressed in words instead of words. This language, used by the wise unconscious mind to show the flaws of human conscience, protects the invasion of wild conscience, the primitive human conscience that is alive and very active in the human brain. to rule and destroy the human side of human conscience in order to rule the individual's behavior.

Your occupation and interpretation of your dreams, which is actually a true translation of the scientific method, is actually psychotherapy. The wise unconscious mind eliminates all its absurd tendencies and transforms a balanced, sensitive and wise human being with dream messages.

You will find that people in your dreams are all their own personalities that have the same characteristics as they have seen. If you see someone who, for example, is lazy, he lusts on his own.

The unconscious mind uses people and objects that belong to everyday reality to receive information and guidance. According to the symbolism we have to turn their meaning into and never look them the way you are awake.

You need to add symbolic meanings to your image when trying to translate dream messages. For example, your mom and father have dreams of worse parts of your personality. You really love your parents and we believe they are very good, but your dreams always have negative reports. Your presence is approaching your dreams, meaning that your absurd conscience (primitive and violent conscience) is your mother and the underdeveloped human conscience your dad represents your behavior.

What can you do about this?

Simply go on your dreams and write down that the unconscious mind can show you how to stop these negative parts of personality from dominating and develop psychological functions that are not in the conscious area because they are on the wild side .

You should first get to know the dream symbols. Only when you learn how symbols can instantly translate the symbols will it be able to automatically translate your dreams like me.

A language has to be tested if you want to understand its meaning.

Do not think this is difficult, because thanks to the simplification of the method discovered by Carl Jung and thanks to many examples of my dreams and translations that I present in my work, I will be able to automatically understand the general meaning of every dream.

I'm reading my e-book again, you can translate your dreams much better and you'll become over time like me, a dream translator.

You always prove in your daily life how accurate your translations are, thanks to your success, from unconscious guidance.

Others will understand you are a good dream translator because you will see that you will discover many of your secrets, just by translating one of your dreams. 19659002] It must help every dreamer understand the unconscious guidance and defeat his depression or other mental illness, physical illness, sadness, and problems, through the knowledge he has acquired by translating dream messages. [19659002] If you want to become a professional dream translator, you can save many people from depression, madness, suicidal tendencies and despair, and you will get a third eye because I will be able to predict the future, always alerting, protecting, and counseling.

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