It's very difficult to learn something new, there are many things to remember about the guitar learning process, but it's important to know the language. The words that everyone feels will know what they think, just you. You do not feel bad, everyone did it when they started learning, it only takes some time and you can feel good about the guitar language.

The guitar strings begin with the guitar parts and include the other words that refer to music, chords and notes

Here we go, read, learn, and inwardly digest the guitar languages.

Most of the guitar is a body, also known as a voice cassette, and finds it in different shapes and sizes. The acoustic guitar body is hollow while the electric guitar body is mostly solid or semi-solid.


This is the top of the guitar and keeps the buttons attached to the guitar neck.


There is a small bar with the insertion of the guitar string in place, between the guitar and the head.

between the head and the body is a fret table on the neck.

Fret Table

There are tiny metal bars that divide the fretboard into a variety of notes. Depending on the type of git, how many frets in the fret board. The modern electric guitar fret board usually contains 20-22 nozzles.


The bridge can be found on the guitar body, lifting the guitar strings to allow them to vibrate to help tone resonance, this is important for the guitar sound.


It is usually found on electric guitars, an electronic device that acts as a microphone, making fibers vibrations as electrical impulses.


This speaker box that amplifies electric guitar tunes. Capo

Capo is a device connected to a fret board to play a chord in another key

The above refers to the guitar, below are some of the terms used for guitar, chords and for the sounds. You may have heard the words, but I do not know where they are. Riff

Composers, musical pieces are referred to as guitar riffs.


It's possible that the so-called effect box or amplifiers will make the sound more natural. this is guitar tabs. These are the songs that are specifically written on the guitar, and the notes and other musical symbols are turned to a guitar block. This is what you need to learn quickly and is very useful when learning to play guitar. When the guitar band bends faster, the sound produced by it is as follows: a longer resonant sound, known as vibrato.


This is a technique for creating an adlib lead or adding the rhythm of a song by removing notes from a particular chord [19659002] Pick

This is a small plastic tool used to draw a guitar.

You may have heard a guitarist playing guitar on his "grave." if then then you are a whammy bar. This bar is attached to the electric guitar bridge and the pitch sounds.

When strings hit each other, either with fingers or cutouts, this is called plucking. This technique gives you a more pronounced comment and can be a much softer sound.

Mute the Palm

If a player wants to receive a separate tone while being pounded. The punk rock world is like this.

There are many other words for the guitar, the above are the most common, and the rest will learn as you progress. Let's start by learning these and going a long way.

So there is a good start to learn the guitar language. Write down them, print them out, but most importantly, get to know them and enjoy the guitar learning.

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