In this article, "Accommodation" is synonymous with adaptation or "free" translation, which in effect means that changes to make the target text created meet the spirit of the source text. Therefore, a text is produced which is not a traditional translation; it is more a writer who can convey more about the original author's intention.

Initially you have to specify the translation. Translation in the target language provides the most immediate natural equivalence of the message in the source language, primarily from the point of view of the report, secondly, from the point of view of style.

Various "authorities" find that translation is a scientific study, others find it as a technical craft or artistic endeavor. Does translation mean a branch of linguistics or literature? Here, such debates about translation as a process or translation recall the discovery that translation has many perspectives: communication is linguistic, semiotic, cultural, social and psychological. It is a fact that the translation offers a wider concept of what is understood and understood. We believe that translation is not just a linguistic transformation or a transformation between languages, but it also includes cultural, aesthetic, political and other factors.

The problem of accommodation is, for example, the translation of literary works and poetry. For example, the work of a French poet, Paul Verlaine: Les sanglots longs of the blessed mon cœur d 'une langueur monotone.

Literally, the "long tears of" autumn violins "threaten my heart with monotonous softness.

Not too nice. This is the place where the "free" translator gets into his / her own (or own) property. You have to choose to change a few words and the final result may be a bit different from what Verlaine originally intended to use the assonance of words to create a special effect.

literal translation or free translation must always be done. This was the dilemma that was incompatible with translation circles, for which no remarkable conclusions were reached. If the country's culture and target language are very different from the culture and language of the source language, translation of the original report is almost always necessary. The opposite of the free translation (or adaptation) is the literal literal translation, which is practically seldom used in practice, besides the lists and the catalogs.

Translators are often divided into different categories. Some translators have a natural language knowledge that is capable of poetry, advertisements, brochures, and so on. Translate. This kind of translation is almost always free, as final translation must be a popular idiom in the country concerned.

The other translators have a natural connection to the technical aspects of the original text – and when using the term "technical" we can include not only science and industry, but also vocabulary of the professions: legal, financial, accounting, information technology, medical and the pharmaceutical. In these cases, the translation is usually less "free" and closer to the original source text.

For specialized translation and translation, some translation agencies strive to utilize, as far as possible, people in the industry or profession concerned. These people know the technical vocabulary of the source and the target language, and most often understand the operation of the system concerned.

The translation office needs to create a very large database for freelance translators to cover different professions. If the translation agency is approached by a new candidate, the CV will have to be tested and then tested frequently by inviting the candidate to compile one or two documents.

Of course, the document is in accordance with the candidate's knowledge. If the test translation is acceptable, then the agency concerned will normally send a new translator for a short translation. This translation must be paid and the translation is usually read by another experienced and trusted translator. If a new translator reaches this stage, an agency can take longer and more difficult jobs.

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