There is always talk of the question of whether children should be taught Spanish as a second language or not. We need our children to recognize the world fully, and yet we hope to help them make full use of the children. From time to time, studies have again demonstrated that the brain responsible for the language of learning responds to the age of 3 to 6 years. By teaching children as bilingual, we offer greater opportunities for the child to expand his / her potential. Our country is the nation of immigrants, and the Spanish is a large sector of the population. When people argue that they are taught as a second language, they behave badly for themselves, their children, and their nation.

If you do not have a disadvantage to learn the language, what can be the possible excuse? Of course, would parents be willing to say why they did not learn their cultural language? Well, language can be taught – at home. Currently, Spaniards and English are the second most widely spoken language in the world, the Spaniards drive 332 million people worldwide. China is the number one, but this is simply due to the mere population of China!

Americans have always been pioneers in their path, enabling the teaching of the second language, helping them maintain this role in society. At present, in terms of economics, China and India are the biggest threat to the US. China and India have been closed for decades; they realize they have to open their boundaries. Each of the two countries allows their citizens to learn English in order to address the linguistic challenges raised in the 21st century. The two nations have always nurtured their culture and are proud of them, yet they know they are part of the world economy, having to learn English and become bilingual, without becoming a conflict of cultures. When you start learning Spanish, you simply leave the United States all over the place.

Are you more likely to have your child in Spanish and English than in any other language, so there is no point in equipping the child to better manage the world? Today, Spanish learning is much easier. From real experience to software? S and language programs and games the latest products strive to help you and your children learn Spanish. Bilingualism at an early age will also help your child learn other languages ​​such as French and German. This is because; these languages ​​originate in Latin and have a similar language.

We live in a world where borders are nothing. People travel more and children are exposed to more breeding than ten years ago. Bilingualism helps the child become more open to a changing society. The child learns to go beyond normal and assess people's differences, and do not be afraid of him. Educational institutions strive to provide students with practical life information throughout their daily lives and while English is the language of the country, the acquisition of the second language at national level should not be considered as a threat.

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