Want to know where you are in language learning? According to the Foreign Service (FSI), language learning has six levels that everyone who takes the process ends.

Although it will not improve your speech and writing skills perfectly, it's a great way to see how far you are in the process. As a result, it may help to modify your studies, warning you of having separate lessons or changing the language learning software.

Level 0: No skills

This is the level you start with and you can easily get out of it. Note a few simple sentences about the language learning software, exercise it, and bring it to heart – you will soon have to go.

Level 1: General Education

At this level, you can just enjoy fun, guidance and food. Many language learners reach this level and stop. His pronouncements are likely to be terrible.

Level 2: Limited Skill

Here you start working from the new language. You can cope with basic social situations and some work-related interaction. Your pronunciation is understandable when you talk slowly, but the accent seems to be funny.

Level 3: Professional Competence

At this stage there is a great vocabulary with words. As such, you can talk to a native speaker and do not think what they are saying. You're probably still talking about an accent, but that will not be a problem anymore – it will be understandable.

Level 4: Full Skill

You are fully acquainted with language skills in almost any conceivable setting. At this level, you get a paid job as an interpreter, as you can communicate with relative ease. Grammar and pronunciation are impossible. In order to achieve the same skills as mother tongue skills, not only the language is introduced and the language has to be recognized. More importantly, it is a sensation of the history of the culture and the source country and allows you to blend into all shades and idioms.

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