What is the best way to learn another language? This topic has many opinions and views, mine is as follows:

The teaching of the second language can be very frustrating, but it is extremely rewarding … from my personal experience to acquire the second language; I first started crossing the alphabet and moved to learn a vocabulary (interpretation). It takes some time to remember and have a lot of patience. I think that depends on how quickly and how quickly the student absorbs the information. I had some of my students who learned to speak, read and write another language within a few weeks … others stayed longer. Methods for teaching a second language play a great part in making students understand the meaning more effectively.

There are language programs, and CDs can be very useful, but learning the second language of the live instructor is very important because students have the opportunity to ask anything on the spot, they can not provide any video or CD.

Here are some tips you need to take into account when traveling your language.

• Choosing a language teacher is indispensable; make sure you speak "English" clearly and comfortably so you do not feel anxious.
• Write down any comments you can get in your own language to know what you wrote without forgetting.
• Ask for everything you love, do not let it go without understanding it.
• Use your conversation to learn a few words and phrases and let the natives correct because this is one of the best language teaching methods.
• The structure of foreign language sentences must be curious and detailed, as soon as you get the bigger picture, the simpler the details.
• You can use a useful utility, everyone on the Internet, suggest a few programs in a later article
• Always learn the correct version of the language, not a dialect.
• There is a chat buddy – someone who can learn English, Spanish, etc., and in return helps to get to know the target language.
• Find and download a free dictionary to keep it on your desktop and explore the real use of words in your language structure.
• Make a plan and goals for what you want to achieve first, that was my plan; ALPHABET> APPEARANCES + ADVANCES> SIMPLE CONVERSIONS> DIGGING DEEPER.

I hope you enjoy these tips and wish everyone luck.

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