Communication approach?

There are many approaches to teaching English as a second or foreign language. One aspect of English and foreign language teaching is the use of a communication approach. But what does the communicative approach mean?

Well, the communication approach to language teaching involves several different aspects. Here are two of us. Applying these considerations means that language teaching and learning are far more than a set of grammar lessons and vocabulary lists. Language teaching and learning must be truly communicative, not only related, but must be conveyed with ideas, preferences, thoughts, emotions and information aimed at reaching others. Typically, communication language teaching involves two approaches:

o Content Based Learning (CBI)

o Tasks Based Language Learning (TBLT)

CBI Vs. Definition of TBL in ELT

At CBI (Widdowson, 1978), the focus of the classes is not language and structure, but learners acquire skills or knowledge using English. If you teach a student how to improve computers and use English as a language of instruction, students improve language communication skills while learning how to improve their computer.

Task-Based Learning in ELT

The TBLT approach (Willis, 1996) focuses on providing communication activities required for English language learning in the target language (English) for other learning purposes. For example, students need to purchase the postage to send mails to them, first teach them the structures and language needed to perform the tasks and then actually do it. Another example would be to teach students the necessary English to order food in a restaurant or buy a shop and allow them to do these tasks independently by using unmanaged or free speech.

In the book, Jack C. Richards and Theodore S. Rodgers (CUP, 2001) "Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching" study more than a dozen approaches in ELT. The currently abolished Grammatical Translation and Situational Approaches of Total Physical Response (TPR), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Lexical Approaches to Communication Approaches, Natural Approaches and Cooperative Learning, English and Foreign Language Teachers Worldwide Major Language Teaching Repertoire than ever before.

So, what's next?

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