Have you ever wondered what the simplest language is for learning? You might learn another language and did not decide which one. You do not want to make it too difficult and you want to find a (relatively) easy time.

There are many factors that make it easy or difficult to learn a language. The most important factor is what your mother tongue is – the language your adult has spoken to. This will always affect the way of language learning. Other factors – to learn new alphabets or writing systems, new grammatical rules, and strange new sounds.

This is actually the actual features of the language you are learning and your personal experience and learning skills. But if the majority of people agree that one language is the simplest to learn, then probably. There is a survey on my website and most people seem to choose the simplest language based on their mother tongue.

Most English-language learners choose the simplest language for Spanish. Why? For one reason, Spanish is a very good language. If you know the pronunciation rules, you can read almost all Spanish words and say it correctly. And for some new letters (which is not too heavy), the alphabet is the same.

There are also many speakers between English and Spanish. Most of the vocabulary is familiar, borrowed from one language to another or borrowed from the same source as the Latin.

Another key factor in making people feel that Spanish is easy to learn,. The market is parallel to products intended for purchase, books and movies are easy to access, and there are many free resources available on the Internet. With the combination that Spanish is one of the world's most popular languages, 19459003 seems to be Spanish everywhere and easier to record.

There are other candidates for the simplest language, Learn for example in French, Italian, Dutch and German. Esperanto is a populist writer for learning the simplest language, but Esperanto enjoys an unfair advantage. It is a constructed language that is designed easier to learn. In fact, the studies show that it is four to ten times easier to learn than other languages.

What do you think? Fill out the simplest language to learn Survey and let me know what you think the simplest language to learn!

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