When clients select the translation office to translate documents, they will invest a large amount of money on the agency concerned. Almost certainly a huge amount of time, hard work, and sometimes even a cash investment have come into the source text, and clients are looking for their agency to turn it over as quickly as possible. This results in a precise and localized translation at a competitive price.

A good agency that recognizes these facts treats each committee as a "critical criterion" for their clients. Each committee must be handed over to an expert translator, but in order for an agency to succeed in the efforts of its clients, they will have certain criteria as to what their translators require in order to be able to deliver it. We will look at these criteria in more detail, let's see what translation company the translation agency needs for your translator.

o First and sensibly intuitively, the translator must be able to handle the task. Nowadays, the translator has been proven to be technically skilled and knowledgeable, but more is needed. Translation is more about art than science, and a thorough understanding of the culture of a country (preferably because of a certain place of residence) is necessary for the text to be culturally understandable. In addition, if a specialized translation is required (legal, medical or technical), then a qualification or intensive employment (or preferably both) is required in that area before the commission can be entrusted to it.

o Perhaps agencies are equally important that a question of correct and accurate work may arise if it is not timely. Customers of an agency expect and plan, specific deadlines and a whole chain of events may depend on these deadlines. Likewise, an agency, after giving the date of completion of the translation and communicating this with the client, will consider it urgent. O Every complex system is operated through good communication and likewise the agencies expect the "loop" to work on the work, any problems or problems arising from the translation, and possibly any slippage of the deadline for completion; Likewise, agencies expect the translator to become available and possibly have some "availability."

Sketches of the expectations outlined above are likely to be common to all agencies but to highlight them, most of us realize that they are truly everywhere in every employment and most professionals are most likely to be part of their work. Most importantly, to keep in mind that an agency / translator relationship is more of a partnership, both sides have a common purpose; If both parties can deal professionally, flexibly and equitably, then a solid, long-term and profitable relationship can be established.

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