There are two major official languages ​​in Hawaii recognized by the constitution: English and Hawaiian.

A branch of the Austronesian family is called the Polynesian branch. Hawaii is part of this branch. About 1000 AD began. Originally, foreigners, the Polynesians lived in these islands for a very long time and are known as Hawaii. And their language is known as Hawaii.

Before Captain Cook got to the islands, the Hawaiian language had no script, so it can not be written. The written form was developed by US missionaries around 1820-1826. What they did was Latin characters for the Hawaiian voices, and Hawaii could now be written.

Many Hawaiian residents speak Hawaii Creole English or HCE. This is often referred to as "Pidgin & # 39;" mentioned. The lexicon comes from English and a number of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Japanese and Filipino words.

Immigration rates have grown considerably from countries such as China, Spain, Japan and Portugal, the development of the 19th century and Pidgin English. It was Creole English in the twentieth century, because the Pajgini speakers had a child who took the pidgin as their mother tongue.

Despite being archaic, many Hawaiian words are used in HCE. Most place and animal names are kept in Hawaii.

HCE resembles much in English but there are some differences here and there. Like the HCE, all known or unknown elders are called "Uncle". and "Aunt" regardless of whether they are related to you or not. There are more words in the conversational HCE, if the meaning of the sentence is implicit.

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