Over the years, popular texts and language plans were popular for those looking for tattoos. Some people love tattooing in someone's memory, or there are often people who like to tell their body that they only know the meaning of the language because of the foreign origin. Let's go over some of the most popular texts and languages ​​of tattoo design

Greek Wording

A new popular trend is Greek text. The letters are very nice and generally look good with the ink. They are common places for the forearm or calf or calf. Definitely ask your tattoo artist if you can translate your favorite names, quote, or say it in greek and you will see what it will be like to you!

Japanese text

Obviously, this is the most popular in Japan, but they are increasingly used in America because of complicated Japanese texts and designs. There are plenty of such languages ​​in the form that looks like the appearance, so it looks pretty good. We can translate most things so we can try and try it.

Chinese Text

One of the most popular is however the style of Chinese writing. It's like Japanese, this language when it's written looks good! Most Chinese pictures tell a story, so you have to tell a lot about one of these art paintings on the skin!

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