The best time to learn foreign language is different from person to person. Still, there are some useful general terms.

The best time to learn another language as a child. If you are studying second or third language in your youth prior to puberty and learning from native speakers you will naturally learn to speak without accent. The "foreign" accent is difficult when it attacks the details of learning its mother tongue.

People who have learned a language after puberty are accented. Dr. Henry Kissinger, for example, speaks excellent English in German. Despite being proficient and proficient in English, she learned to speak English at the age of 15, so her mother tongue always reports her accent every time she talks.

It seems that "language centers" are lost in the human brain during adolescence, losing their flexibility, and effectively dictating that the language of their mother tongue as a child is the only language they can actually pronounce. Interestingly, philologists tell us that if you study three languages ​​before puberty, your language centers are adaptive and flexible. Anyone who studies a child as a child will be able to learn the later fourth or fifth language of life and learn to learn accent.

Knowing that this does not help many adults but can help educate our children and grandchildren

For adults, the easiest way to learn a foreign language before using it is to use it. If you learn and do not use it for a while, it will slow down from it and your ability will decrease in that language. (In my personal experience, when I speak Spanish for 2-3 weeks, I experience difficulties and difficulties in my mother tongue's English language when I return to a place where I want to go.) I started and forgot my English but came back … :-)) [19659002] Fortunately, today's language is the simplest way for modern interactive language teaching, in digital format. You can download the course in digital MP3 format, learn the language, and quickly update your knowledge whenever you re-run the course.

If you download the course in MP3 format, you can download the computer, then download the iPod or write a CD into any CD player.

Forget classroom! The downloadable digital media brings you the flexibility to give you the language to learn at almost any place anywhere. You are responsible when you learn a language and do you know that your instructors teach perfect accent

to Argentina? Take your iPod and spend time on the machine, learn Spanish to use when you get there. Europe? Long flight on the shore of the lake. You can watch the movie, watch the ocean through the window, or spend time with German or French language learning!

And continue your learning in your spare time while you are there. You will find that because you often get a chance to use it often, your learning will accelerate and you will be willing to remember how to say … (whatever that language was in that moment!) [19659012]

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