With the combination of precision and proper attributes, the Whitesmoke Translator recaptured the competition and gained the climax in the compilation of software. Whitesmoke Translator is the best compiler that is also most compatible with other programs

WT is a completely new translation software product from WhiteSmoke. The translator allows you to accept any text from any text application and automatically translate it into a target language. Based on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology, WT's translation quality is very high and it exceeds competing products on the market. WhiteSmoke Translator aims to provide the latest soybean in quality and machine-based translation tools on the desktop and on the web.

However, the surface would become unusable if the lingerie translator was not translated correctly. Fortunately, translation will be good. In fact, during the translation tests, he did the best for each program. This accuracy is actually what concerns the business, whitesmoke translator is the best translation software we can find.


Whitesmoke Translator is the most effective translation program for the most accurate translations. Based on statistical machine translation (SMT) technology, WhiteSmoke Translator's translation quality is very high and exceeds the competing product market.

Integrates with WT programs; all you have to do is press the Control key and right-click any word and the whitesmoke translator automatically finds the word from your dictionaries and offers several different sources for more information. If you have to translate multiple words, simply highlight the text before pressing the Control knob and right-click. You can also copy and paste texts directly.

Whitesmoke also offers integrated spell checking and language certification so you can ensure that your own translations are accurate.

* Full-text translation with one click

* 55 languages ​​for translate

* 10 languages ​​for full text translation

* Over 1 million translation words

* Works with all text applications

* Easy to use graphical interface

Full text translation for:

* English-Spanish-English

* English-

* English English

* English

* French

* French

* French

* Italian [19659002] * Portuguese

* Russian

* Spanish

* Turkish

Simple Use

Whitesmoke Translator is Still a Small Window + Right Click for a Text. Then he turns to action, translates, visits the definitions and automatically offers other resources. Its smooth integration is a perfect tool for using other programs.

Who is using WhiteSmoke compiler?

Offers a wide selection of translation agencies. WT is used by children in school, working adults, English as a second language student, and by business professionals and professional translators. In this global world, translation solutions become a vital part of communication, and accurate translation tools, such as WT, help business and social relationships.

Social Media

Are you making friends from all over the world? The miracle of social media is that it is a world without borders. With WT you can even talk to people in other languages ​​by transcribing messages or messages in real time

International Business

English is a global language, but WhiteSmoke translator can help you reach more partners and customers by making it easier communication in different languages.


If a blogger is writing in English, use WT to create multilingual versions of content or compile foreign-language comments.

Professional Interpreting Services

If you're a professional translator, WT makes your job much easier. By automating initialization automation, you have more time to focus on small details.

School and Academic Research

You can access more content from foreign language publications with WT, resources that your colleagues can only dream of!


Whitesmoke Translator is simply better than other translation software. With more precision, more languages, better features, numerous references and dictionaries, and simple, compact interfaces. WT will do whatever you need.

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