What is the key to success in learning foreign languages? Indeed, this is a real desire to communicate with others. I do not think of any other valid reason. Women are therefore better off in language learning than men. If you are a man and you want to learn a language, I'll tell you why it will be more difficult than a woman and what can you do with it.

Probably accusing the stereotypes of men and women here, but occasionally again and again studies have shown that in general (there are always exceptions) men have achieved higher scores in math tests and women have achieved higher scores in language examinations. I'm not a scientist and I do not want to take scientific details, but the experience of teachers broadly confirms the views of scientists.

When I teach a classroom conversation, it is immediately apparent who will make the fastest progress as these issues are quickly raised. And more often than not, female members of the group raise questions that are most commonly asked.

Women are just more interested in people than men. They really mean when they ask, "how are you?" Wives and mothers have something to do with this, I mean that society is conditioning those who care. Men, however, are less interested in people and are more interested in things, namely cars, computers, gadgets, etc.

If you read this article, you need to get out of the macho cave and learn to be more interested in people. And swallow her pride when she makes mistakes. Women have less complexity about making mistakes because they are important to discover things about conversations. We all learn by blaming, it's a natural part of the process. Language learning is not a competition – men sometimes consider their limitations as "defeats", so they do not speak at all. [Winston Churchill] once said "the jaw is better than the war." The key to good communication is that people think and motivate others, which is even more difficult in a foreign language. So guys, take the girls book and be more interested in being around you!

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