Online auto-translators are translated literally in the literal sense. And if you've ever taken a language course, you know that sentence structure differs from language to language, so word-to-word translations are rarely correct. Although "manzana verde" can be translated into "green apple", they will remain short if the translations are only a bit more complicated. Take a look at the Spanish-English translation of the short story of the children:

Originally written in Spanish:

Habia una vezilla niña chiquita llamada Natalie. Only tenia tres años, y todo el mundo que la veía, se caia enamorada de ella. A prize, a mother afectuosa the llevó de compras para comprarle unas pijamas nuevas. The embargo on violence, which is what is in my mind, Natalie vio amor verdadero, a muñeca! A dejó que madre le comprar las pijamas nuevas, diciendo que ya tenía unas at casa de on abuela.

There was once a very little girl named Natalie. He was only three years old and everyone saw that he fell in love with him. One day, her mother found her purchase worthy of love to buy her new pajamas. However, while in the shop, Natalie saw his true love, his wrist. She did not let her mother buy her new pajamas, saying she was already in her grandmother's house.

Human Translation to English:

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Natalie. He was only three years old, and everyone who saw him was in love with him. One day her loving mother took her to a new pajamas. However, while in the shop, Natalie noticed his true love, a baby coat. She refused to allow her mother to buy a new pajamas saying that she had already had pajamas on Mimi.

This is how you can see the translation of these short stories that the auto-compiler bombarded your job as a good translator. I can add that I used one of the best-known and most used online auto-translators. I'm not going to tell you why I do not want to do any business, but it's on the first page of Google looking for an online compiler. In other words, this is really "reliable".

You may think that automated translators work better in English to another language than vice versa. Let's look at an example of an originally English business email, and we've translated it to Spanish with a popular online auto-compiler.

Originally written in English:

Dear Mr White,
I will send you an e-mail to her daughter's class in the Spanish classroom. He has consistently scored low scores for his homework and tests. I suggest you go to school for at least an hour, three days a week, to meet a Spanish instructor. I feel it is necessary for her to have the opportunity to pass the course.

Amilia Barns
vice president of Jordan High

Estimado Sr. blanco,
39th degree of s en su clase española. The front channel continuously defines the preparation and the prune. With this solution, wedding students want to escape from the wedding ceremony for a teacher to visit a specific español. Siento que estesto es necesario para que ella tenga un ocasión en el paso de este curso.

Graneros de Amilia
The High School of the High School

Human Translation for Spanish:

Estimado Sr. White
español. She has sacado consecuentemente puntos bajos and todas las tareas y exámenes. Recomendé que ella se quede después de escuela but the menos a hora, tres días to the semana para reunirse to the professor konkrét de español. Creo que es necesario para que ella tenga oportunidad de aprobar este curso.

Amilia Barn
Director of Jordan High School

If you use automated translators for school or business purposes, you really have to think back. Using an auto translator can negatively affect your class and income! If you are trying to communicate with an overseas client using an automated translator, you may know why they have not responded or are embarrassed as always.

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