The Internet has allowed us to cross geographically across borders and move ideas faster than ever, but cultural and regional differences are as simple as in the offline world. One of the most obvious obstacles that must be disconnected from the internet is actually an international melting pot for ideas and opinions in the language. Most people think of the Internet as an Internet site dominated by English and, as such, Western, predominantly American ideas. This is true, but not exclusively, and this article raises the question of why translation from English to Russian is required on the website.

Over 90% of the site's top visitors were likely to be found through a search engine. As soon as your site becomes more and more and more and more people join it, this number falls, but if we take into account its consequences, it's a pretty stunning statistic. This means that non-search engine optimization efforts are likely to bring only one visitor to every ten. Google is a bright king of search engines, and now it's working in multiple languages. See how a search engine works. Simply: Enter the term, the search engine compares this term to your site's database and ranking your site based on your search relevance. Hopefully, it will now become clear why Russian translation is required for your English translation on your site. If you are looking for a Russian language, the results that are returned to them will also be in Russian.

If you've forgotten a Russian version of your site, you will immediately exclude yourself from all Russian search results. This is a potential huge market for visitors to stop their efforts before they begin. If the Russian language is even more important to participate in translation, it is the consideration of how many Russian languages ​​speak a non-native language. Although there are more French and Spanish speakers looking for online content, Russians are less inclined to search for languages ​​other than their mother tongue. In any case, the search engineer can speak English, but if you do not start your first search, you will never get the chance to show them your website.

A simple machine translation on your website is a harmless and very easy step to open yourself up in a very large foreign-language market. In fact, there are many online websites that provide free web pages, all you have to do is enter the website title, or copy and paste the content into a window and click on the translation. The question you should ask yourself probably does not mean that you need to translate English or Russian into your website – but why did you wait so long?

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