As we live in a global society where borders between countries no longer exist and technology connects everywhere, people need more translation services than before. There is a demand that is steadily increasing every year and this is a good opportunity for freelance translators to offer their professional services. Do you have a free translation service that is available online, why should you spend a lot of money on the professional service? This article answers your question.


This is the most important aspect that distinguishes human translators from machine translation technology. If you evaluate translation quality at the price of the service, avoid using machine translation as there are so many backs causing disappointment. Money devoted to professional service is always the best value for your business. In fact, this technology has improved since the 1950's, but there is no significant change in quality. Although this has improved so much, it is not related to the quality of professional translators. Human translators, however, are able to keep pace with the speed of machine translation technologies

The difference in the text

Professional translators operate differently from machine translation technology. The difference lies in the way they understand the text and completely and accurately pass on the message in the text without leaving important information. The machine only interprets the text as plain text without its interpretation. The machine works the way the developer programmed. You can not understand the intention of the writer or the purpose of the text. A professional translator can gain a broader and better understanding of the text. This difference can result in much better translation quality


A professional translator has an ethical code that does not allow secret information in a text. However, machine translation technology does not have a code of ethics and is programmed to comment text. If you use the free web compiler, your privacy is no longer important. Therefore, the important document should be entrusted to professional service providers that retain their secret.

Do you own professional software or services that are free on the Internet? However, each choice has its own consequences. If you hire a professional translator, you will get the desired quality, but it will take longer to complete the job. Using machine translation technology, the task is extremely fast, but the quality is lacking.

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