In the United States and all over the world

economic circumstances have changed. Commercial enterprises

is increasingly competing on a global scale. Do this

is often needed for business people

communicates with others whose mother tongue is not

is the same as your own.

English was in most of the 20th century

was the main language of trade, and it was not great

is urgent to learn a second language. But that changes.

Urgent needs of people whose occupation involves them

international travel and communications are different

nationalities have to speak in several languages.

Spanish language (officially known as Espanola)

is currently the fourth most talked about language

world after English, Chinese and Hindustani. They're talking about this

more than 400 million people around the world. This number

is growing rapidly year after year. Although there are more people

speaks Chinese or Hindustani as Spanish, both

these languages ​​are limited to fairly well defined areas

in the world and have not yet the same effect on the world


Spanish language is a popular choice

second language learning. There are good reasons

e. It's relatively easy to learn and talk

about half of people living in the Western hemisphere. In

in the United States, the Spanish language is far away

is the most popular second language and the most talked about

English language is a big margin. All in South America

With the exception of Brazil, Brazil is among the Spaniards

language. Spanish is also the central language in Central Europe

America, Latin America and Mexico. Spanish is also in Europe

language is becoming more and more popular

Selected as Second Language

Phonetically, modern Spanish is very good,

is easy to learn. Contrary to the English language in which there are groups of letters

differently, depending on where they are used. THE

Spanish language is lexically close to Italian and for the shares

the same phonological system as well as the grammar

allows the two to mutually understand each other

to some extent. He added that Spanish learning gives him a

is a student of the understanding of the other Romanian languages,

(French, Portuguese and Mentioned, Italian.)

Spanish Spaniards have sufficient facets of other

Romanian languages ​​for them to be reciprocal


The number of Spanish-speaking people is growing rapidly

and this is a significant benefit to all those who

fluently speaks English and Spanish. THE

mastering the second language is beyond purely commercial goals

benefits. By learning another language, exciting will open

perspective of being able to experience a

the people and the country and learn something from their own

habits and way of life. This can greatly increase the

Enjoy a trip to a foreign country. Selecting Learning

Spanish language offers them an opportunity

for the pleasure of traveling to get in touch with a wider choice


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