Just a flip in your hair or twirling a thread around your fingers, you can communicate with something just a simple movement of your hair. We give you the weakness in these maneuvers, and what they mean:

  1. Repressing Your Hair – This hairline says, "Look at me!" As it warns people of attention and trust. As you hang out with your lounges and look at the guys who take the social scene, simple eye contact and hairbrush can see a potential outlook. Just simply throw your head and laugh naturally. You have no time in your hands.
  2. Threaded around the finger – It simply means I do not care! Allow a very bad day to go through the work while shooting. Probably says, "Today is almost over and I can not wait to sip a glass of vodka with my dad."
  3. Pull your hair to the end – it's pretty obvious you're frustrated. Match it with the word "Argh". and sends the message that something is wrong now. Your sales report deserved a long termon from your boss?
  4. Locked behind the ear – This movement suggests fear and timidity. You can also use this special secret to your friends to say "He's cute" in the middle of a crowded bar.
  5. Hair bending a bit, so your hair covers your face – This is your finger on your lips haircut that "Ooops, not me!". If there is anything wrong with it like a coffee spoon in the cauldron or the spoiled food that "mysteriously eventually gets into the rubbish of a nasty co-worker, then that is the hair language that's just for you."

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