If you learn French or Italian? Which is more useful? Similar? In this article I will answer all these questions.


Both French and Italian are Romanian. This means they are similar because they have the same roots. In the "How to learn a language" page, 85% of Italian vocabulary is similar to French.

Italian grammar is very simple if you know the French language but the pronunciation of the two languages ​​differs a lot. Italian pronunciation is closer to Spanish than to French. If you speak French, you can study in Italian for months. If you speak Italian, you can learn French quickly, but it will take longer, as the French is harder than the olas.


French is definitely more popular than Italian – only 60 million Italian national performers. It is the official language of French 29 countries, while Italian is the official language of only 4 countries. French is one of the most important languages ​​of the world


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Winner: French


French spelling and pronunciation is much more difficult than olas. Pronunciation is much more difficult because the French has no phonemic orthography than the Italian. In addition, the French spelling is full of irregularities (even more than English!). The Italian language is easy to speak and can conjure the verb conjugations more easily

Winner: Italian

Italian / French as Second Language

Several people speak French as a second language than Italian speakers as Second Language . If you want to improve your competitiveness on the job market, Italians look better on your resume than in France, because it's harder to find the Italian speaking person.

Winner: Italian

The French are much more useful than the Italians. However, not so many foreign speakers speak Italian, and if you are interested in Italian culture, you must learn Italian. Both languages ​​are similar, so if you learn one, it is not difficult to get to know each other. Whatever your choice – luck!

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