Choosing the right translation services is often very difficult and time-consuming. There are thousands of freelancers, agencies, libraries, software and methodologies today. It should be added that the Spanish translation quotations can vary greatly from agency to agency. Such combing of decisions makes it very difficult for people to be happy about their decision and always ask what they can expect.

This article is intended to help readers make informed choices when purchasing translation services. The article deals with a number of translation issues, and hopefully some of them can safely decide for the reader.

The main source of translation is of course the translator. Let's look at a script where we have a friend who is bilingual in Spanish and English and a medical patent is translated into English and Spanish. It's easy, friend, and cheap, although you have no experience. It is regrettable that the consequences of choosing a resource – albeit cheap – can be disastrous. In each translation area special skills are required. In this case, if we have a medical patent, the translator needs medical knowledge and must be up to date with the latest medical terminology. In addition, they must have written experience in medical patents as a special style, which they learn with decades of practice. One Stop Shop has physician-freelance translators in fields such as chemistry, biology and biotechnology, as well as years of experience in these areas. Even in the Medical or Life Sciences field, a translator with chemical education and experience would be a much better choice than a translator with a biology background to compile a medicine patent. It should be stressed that translations should be handled by professionals. A good translator studied the art of a linguist, translation, specializing in language combinations in areas that are most suitable and years of knowledge and experience have been built. The linguist must also compile the Spanish translation for an international audience, which means that the language must be neutral and no slang or regionalism.

There are some who can query the importance of selective selection of the translator, ultimately only translation, but an example of a pharmacopoeia example written by a chemist. For the average layman, the patent is a double Dutch. The patent can only be understood by industry experts. That is why compatriots of the Spanish-language drug market deserve to receive a quality translation from a translator with earthing and experience that translates drug patents irrespective of the translator's price.

The company's image depends. Low quality translation is highly damaging to your industry and influences your industry position.

Some customers may say that they have this great software that automatically compiles. One thing to keep in mind is that machine translation is only about 60-70% accurate, and the rest of the fine tuning requires human intervention. While machine translation is good for informal translations and general media, professional translation, which represents the image of the company, needs man. Then the customer can say that he modifies the machine translation, which saves up to 70% of the cost. The reality is that a professional translation agency or translator is likely to deny this, since editing a machine translation involves rewriting the whole translation and may mean more work than translation from scratch.

The next question is whether we use a freelance or a translation office? The main question is what's the difference. With an agency, the text is revised, so the translation quote is more expensive. The most important benefit of recasting the text is that it is better to have a "second eye". No matter how good the translator is, they are obliged to make mistakes from time to time, and in this respect, the revision cycle is like an extra security net that eliminates these simple errors with quality translation.

To sum up, here are some questions to ask before deciding on the translation service: The Spanish translator is experienced and trained in this area. Ask for the translator profile or even get a profile sample and decide on the best fit
• Why is the translation from the agency so cheap? In some cases, the translation rate does not include a review as a reduced fee. The translator may not be fully trained and cheaper in subcontracting.
• Does the Agency use the latest translation memory technology? This is very useful for updates. The previous translation is reused, reducing costs and ensuring consistency.

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